Independence Day 2015 – Parade

This year we decided to visit a “small town” near our house. Chappell Hill is about 40 minutes away, but it was SO worth the trip to experience their Independence Day Parade.

Grace had a lot of fun, except for the very noisy parts.

And, I got to have some fun with my camera.

Independence Day Parade 2015 01 sm


The motorcycles were “too loud,” but she still wanted to be able to see.

Independence Day Parade 2015 02 sm

Independence Day Parade 2015 03 sm


That is the Grand Marshall of the parade.

Independence Day Parade 2015 04 sm


Waitin’ for the candy.

Independence Day Parade 2015 05 sm

Independence Day Parade 2015 06 sm

Independence Day Parade 2015 07 sm

Independence Day Parade 2015 08 sm


Enjoying her favorite spot.

Independence Day Parade 2015 09 sm

Independence Day Parade 2015 10 sm

Independence Day Parade 2015 11 sm

Independence Day Parade 2015 12 sm


Santa and Mrs. Claus spend some of their vacation in Texas. Obviously.

Independence Day Parade 2015 13 sm

Independence Day Parade 2015 14 sm

Independence Day Parade 2015 15 sm


Grace LOVED seeing the combine and the tractor – I forget what a city-kid she is sometimes.

Independence Day Parade 2015 16 sm

Independence Day Parade 2015 17 sm


We all miss Bluebell Ice Cream.

Independence Day Parade 2015 18 sm

Independence Day Parade 2015 19 sm

Independence Day Parade 2015 20 sm


Ridin’ a long horn.


Independence Day Projects

I am feeling pretty proud of myself at the end of this week. I don’t think I have EVER been as prepared with projects for Grace as I was for our Independence Day projects. And we did several. It is pretty much impossible to take action shots when you are letting a toddler do something messy, so I only have after shots for these projects.

Independence Day Gallery

Here is Grace’s Gallery with most of our art projects (it’s only missing one – the painted fireworks [see below]).

Independence Day Projects 01 - WEB

Grace played a major part in all of these projects, even the red, white, and blue chain. She got to learn about scissors (new safety scissors) and helped me cut about a dozen of the 1-inch strips in half. She also helped me glue 3 or 4 of the loops together before she got bored. Asking a toddler to watch glue dry IS asking a little much. However, being the genius that I am, I had already created most of the chain (minus the dozen strips that she got to cut), so she could see what we were trying to make.

Fourth of July Cupcakes

Fourth of July Cupcakes - WEB

Grace and I delivered most of these cupcakes to friends on Tuesday, but the ones that were left in our house didn’t make it to the Fourth. She had a lot of fun helping with them and asked to help add sprinkles to almost everything else we ate this week. She didn’t get to.

Star Crispy Treats

Grace and I made rice crispy treats with blue and white sprinkles (because the sprinkles for the cupcakes came in huge bottles), and we smashed them down into star cookie cutters for fun. Grace helped me smush 3 or 4 stars before she snuck a bite. Then it was over. I commented on how the smallest stars were perfect Gracie-size. Yeah, she probably ate 6 of them in an hour – she kept asking for a “leeddle kwispy.” I am really surprised that she didn’t have a tummy ache.

Independence Day Projects 02 - WEB

Hand-print Flag Dress

A project from Pinterest. It became a dress because Hobby Lobby did not have Grace’s size in t-shirts or tanks. I knew it would still be adorable. We haven’t done a hand-print project in quite a while. The last time we did, someone had a little trouble with keeping her hand open to make a print. Anticipating this, I first had her practice on a piece of paper that I had nearby. She did it perfectly (the smudgy-ness is because it’s fabric paint on paper, not because of Grace), so I quickly smushed her hand back in the paint and got a perfect print on the dress.

Independence Day Projects 03 - WEB

I added the red lines later. Next time (year?) when we do this, she might be old enough to help with the lines, too. I really do love how it turned out.

Independence Day Projects 04 - WEB

Independence Day 07 - WEB

Of course, we went out for lunch, Grace had french fries, which needed ketchup…. yeah. Hopefully, Shout will help me out. 🙂

Popsicle Stick Flag

This project came about because I have a large bag of the tongue-depressor-size craft sticks sitting on my table begging to be used for something. I taped the sticks down to three separate paper plates (one for each color) so that Grace could paint them by herself. The stick for the blue are full-sized stick cut in half with a pair of kitchen scissors. Once all of the paint was dry (the next day), I glued the first three red and white sticks to smaller popsicle sticks (as cross-braces). Grace then got to practice her gluing skills and pattern skills (she doesn’t really have either, but we are working on them) to help me glue the other three red and white stick on the bottom and add the blue sticks over the top of the red and white ones.

Independence Day Projects 05 - WEB

Painting Fireworks

This was a project that I found on Pinterest. The “stamps” are made out of pipe cleaners and dipped into the paint. As is usually the case when I present a new way of painting to Grace, she looks at me like I am crazy and wonders where the paint brush is. BUT, she loves dipping projects, so I knew this one would be a winner. We did three pages of fireworks before she was through – that is amazing with a 1-year-old.

Independence Day Projects 06 - WEB

Star Sorting

This was a planned project, but with impromptu timing. I was preparing dinner, Brian was mowing the lawn, and Grace needed something to do. The idea was for her to sort the stars into colors. She did for about 7 or 8 of them, but then started having fun just moving them from one plate to another and back again. Hey, it kept her occupied for 20 minutes and she was still telling me colors, even though she wasn’t actually sorting or matching them.

Independence Day Projects 07 - WEB

Patriotic Toes

We did this one just because we could. I painted our toes on Wednesday afternoon. On Thursday morning, as I walked into Grace’s room to get her up for the day, she was laying in her bed with her feet up in the air admiring her toes. When she saw me coming, she exclaimed, “B-yoo! Zred! Mommy byoo?” She really liked them.

Independence Day Projects 08 - WEB