Photo-a-Day – June 2015


Photo-a-Day - June 2015

June 01  Watching Daddy mow the lawn. | June 02 Chillin’ while the tires get rotated. | June 03 Gymnastics Wednesday – Working on balance on the beam.. because we all know that genetics are working against her. | June 04 Sloane’s new sand and water table for her birthday. Brian and I MADE this. | June 05 Sloane was explaining to Grace that “you don’t do that,” at dinner. Watching out for each other. | June 06 Birthday party painting.

June 07 We know how to road trip in this family. | June 08 The days after we get home from a road trip are always a little more calm and quiet than usual. | June 09 Signing a birthday card for Grandma. | June 10 Gymnastics Wednesday – Bear-crawls on the parallel bars. | June 11 Too much traveling and too much fun = nap for Grace. | June 12 “Mommy, can I build a rocket ship?” YES, you may. | June 13 Perimeter control – be very afraid, bad guys.

June 14 “It’s me – Gracie!”. | June 15 No words to describe Lulu sometimes.  | June 16 We built an aquarium-in-a-jar for homeschool. | June 17 Gymnastics Wednesday – Straddle Jumps on the big trampolines. | June 18 Unplanned road trip = passing out hard.. | June 19 Grace never had a Cozy Coupe – when she was old enough for it, she was already (almost) too big for them. That does not stop her from still trying. | June 20 Playing video games with Grandma.

June 21 Noisy neighbors interrupting a VERY necessary nap makes for a long and slow waking up process. | June 22 Sven is ALWAYS on guard. | June 23 When your child plays on the playground that YOU played on when you were her age. | June 24 If not for the uncontrollable giggling coming from this pile, I would worry that they were fighting.  | June 25 I was gifted this beautiful blue/black orchid. I do NOT have a good track record with orchids. Let’s see how this goes. | June 26 I love when I find toys posed like this. | June 27 Went to see Inside Out. Took a picture with the minions.

June 28 Ocean fun continues with water beads and miniature sea creatures. | June 29 Of course I bought the paper towels for Grace to play with. Why do YOU buy paper towels?.  | June 30 Working very diligently on her workbook. WHY does she look like a upper elementary school kid?!?!.


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