Photo-a-Day – April 2015

Here’s April 2015:

Photo-a-Day - April 2015


Apr 01  Gymnastics Wednesday – Stretch Jumps on the big trampolines. | Apr 02 At a playground with a real metal merry-go-round. It brings back a LOT of memories for me. | Apr 03 Painting Easter eggs. | Apr 04 Bunny Brunch at our church. She visited and hugged the Easter Bunny four times.

Apr 05 Happy Easter! | Apr 06 She wanted to wear her ears on our trip to Target. I made MANY people smile. | Apr 07 Grace’s Hot Dog Truck. | Apr 08 Gymnastics Wednesday – Jump, Grace!. | Apr 09 ROUGH night. Grace and I both had severe allergies this week and it peaked for Grace this night – she woke herself up coughing and when I was trying to get her medicine to help her, she coughed so hard she vomited all over herself and her bed. Quick hose-off in the bath, new pjs, and new bedding fixed the mess. Two hours of snuggling in the rocking chair helped the rest. | Apr 10 Made it to Grandma and Grandpa’s for Uncle Kevin’s surprise party weekend. Brian did just fine impersonating a jungle gym for Grace and Sloane. | Apr 11 At the surprise party – Grace ate the green frosting grass, asked me to lick the chocolate frosting off, and then ate the cupcake herself. Okay, then.

Apr 12 Too much partying with the family makes for a quite road trip home. | Apr 13 Playing hide and seek with Brian.  | Apr 14 Out of nowhere, one day Grace brought one of her white chairs into the living room and set up her own desk. | Apr 15 Gymnastics Wednesday – getting worn out on the big trampolines.  | Apr 16 Knick knack paddy whack on my toe. | Apr 17 Three-year-old selfie. | Apr 18 When you are too big for your tent, you make do.

Apr 19 Lulu’s very rough life. | Apr 20 How I make it up to Grace after a long day of a lot of errands. | Apr 21 The Amaryllis that we planted last year, came back this year with a vengeance. Beautiful blooms from all 12 plants this spring. | Apr 22 Gymnastics Wednesday – side-by-side (pre)hand stands with her buddy Abigail. | Apr 23 Brian got food poisoning or the flu. Hera was there to help comfort him. | Apr 24 Bonus photo from gymnastics.  | Apr 25 Hands in the fountain at the top of the Mount at Houston Garden Center.

Apr 26 Chess. | Apr 27 We started piano lessons this week. | Apr 28 Where there is water, there is Grace. | Apr 29 Gymnastics Wednesday – Flips on the bar. It is hilarious watching Grace get her LONG legs through.  | Apr 30 Rhythm sticks at story time.


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