Monster School: Colors

Colors sm

This week, we focused on Colors.

Little Blue and Little Yellow

We have read Little Blue and Little Yellow by Leo Lionni, many times. This week we watched this video on YouTube after reading the book:

Handprint art is adorable. I’m pretty sure that this is a universal truth. We have made several (one for ever letter, in fact), so I knew that this would be a hit.

Monster School 02 - Colors 01 sm

One hand was painted yellow, one was painted blue. After printing with each, Grace got to rub her hands together (and make a mess) to make green.

Color Mixing sm

She loved it.

A Color of His Own

Because of this little chameleon 

I knew that working on this project would be fun.

We began by reading A Color of His Own by Leo Lionni.

I then drew a chameleon on watercolor paper and let Grace make her chameleon with whatever colors, patterns, or designs that she wanted. Afterwards, I cut him out an we glued him onto black paper.

Monster School 02 - Colors 03 sm

Mix It Up!

We got Press Here a few weeks ago and it is a HUGE hit in this house. I knew we had to get its partner:

Mix It Up! by Herve Tullet.

With direct inspiration from Gracen and Jen’s Colour Theory Ornaments at Mama.Papa.Bubba, we recreated the project on paper with finger paints.

Monster School 02 - Colors 02 sm

Patchwork Gracie

This project began after reading Elmer by David McKee.

Grace laid down and we traced her on white butcher paper. After that, we worked together to make a Patchwork Gracie with Mod Podge and tissue paper.

Monster School 02 - Colors 04 sm

Grace decided that “Flat Gracie” needed eyes and a mouth – she glued and drew them on her own. Flat Gracie spent three or four days doing everything (at home) with Grace. She now lives in the office – ready to play any time that Grace remembers her.

Color Changing Flowers

I had seen this experiment all over Pinterest and thought it would be fun to try. The roses didn’t work so well for us.

Monster School 02 - Colors 09 sm Monster School 02 - Colors 08 smNext time, I will try with carnations


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