Photo-a-Day – January 2015

I ACTUALLY did it!

I completed a Photo-a-Day project for a whole month! (I tried several times last year and failed miserably.)

Here’s January 2015:

Photo-a-Day - January 2015

Jan 01 I made this shirt for Grace to wear for the holidays. | Jan 02 Blocks! I really think Grace will love math and engineering in school. | Jan 03 One of her current favorite things EVER is to play in the water in the sink.

Jan 04 Playing Hungry Hungry Hippos. | Jan 05 This is how Lulu faces Mondays. | Jan 06 Jam session on the xylophone. | Jan 07 Every morning after Brian leaves for work, the dogs climb into bed with me – it does NOT surprise me why it is so hard for me to get up in the mornings. | Jan 08 We’ve started attending Story Time at the Library every week. Grace loves it. | Jan 09 Brian suggested we go to the mall to let Grace play in the play area – because she was getting a little stir crazy at home because of the cold and rain. | Jan 10 On a trip to HEB (the grocery store), Grace wanted to “put coins in the machine.” She now has a prize pig.

Jan 11 Sunday morning video games. | Jan 12 Lazy Monday morning. | Jan 13 THERE IS A SQUIRREL IN OUR YARD!!!! | Jan 14 We found this amazing wooden puzzle at 5 Below – it has 5 puzzles in it and Grace can now do them all on her own. | Jan 15 The theme at Story Time was penguins. | Jan 16 “Here Pooh, have some orange juice.” | Jan 17 When Grace is having fun in the living room and Mom is in the kitchen, we LOVE each other (they NEVER share space like this, unless under duress.)

Jan 18 See how rough our Sundays are? | Jan 19 This time Lulu was just rubbing it in. | Jan 20 When it’s 70 degrees in January, you spend the week at the parks. Also, the best place to play in the sand is in the sand volleyball pit. | Jan 21 “Mommy, I want fish for lunch!”  If she asks for a protein, she gets that protein. | Jan 22 Story time: It was a yucky weather day and all the other kids were shy and/or cranky – only Grace and Jude wanted to really participate. | Jan 23 Finally changed out a frame with Grace’s 3-year-old pictures. Had to take a moment to miss the little, round, 1-year-old. | Jan 24 Houston Auto Show – Grace test-driving her own Jeep.

Jan 25 Under-the-table-art in progress. | Jan 26 “But, Mommy! I not need a nap!” *BIG yawn*….. this photo was taken 3 minutes later. | Jan 27 Again in the sand volleyball pit – seeing how fast she can run on sand. | Jan 28 Cranky Mommy and Cranky Grace? Best solution: Starbucks and Barnes & Noble. | Jan 29 Library Story Time – Grace got to meet (One-Eyed) Jack the Owl from Friends of Texas Wildlife. | Jan 30 Open House at ASI Gymnastics. | Jan 31 We went to the Library’s 10 year Anniversary party – Grace can’t NOT get her face painted – we waited in line for an hour.


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