Christmas Parties 2014

I usually only over-plan for Halloween (Pumpkin Patches | Fall Festival | Zoo Boo | ArBOOretum | Ren Fest). Thanksgiving and Christmas time are usually more low-key for us. We still have plenty of fun though.

Christmas Party at Daddy’s Work

I’m not usually one for company family holiday parties, but figured this might be an easy (free) way to learn how Grace would deal with Santa this year (2013 | 2012 02 | 2012 01).

Oh, THIS year? She is cool with it all.

Christmas 2014 - Santa 01 sm

These elves were around to talk with the kids while they were waiting in line.

Christmas 2014 - Elf 01 sm

Grace had a LOT to say.

Christmas 2014 - Elf 02 sm


We HAD to get her face painted (which she had a reaction to, though was fine) and a balloon animal.

Christmas 2014 - Cheese 01 sm

Church Christmas Party

Our church hosted their annual holiday party. I provided four types of cookies (because who only bakes ONE?) and two of the kids’ craft projects, so we felt that we should attend.

Santa visit #2 (in the same weekend)

Christmas - Santa 02 sm


“Mommy, I’m holding his hand.”

Christmas - Santa Statue sm


“No, Mommy, I want to do it ALL by myself.” And she did.

Christmas - Art Project 01 sm


Mrs. Claus Gingerbread Workshop

Gingerbread Workshop 01 sm

Gingerbread Workshop 02 sm

Gingerbread Workshop 03 sm

Gingerbread Workshop 04 sm


“Mommy, I will help you color yours.”

Gingerbread Workshop 05 sm

“Ho ho ho! I’m Santa Gracie!”

Gingerbread Workshop 06 sm


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