Monster School – Letter Mm

Letter Mm

Books We Read

Monster Manners by Bethany Roberts

Muncha, Muncha, Muncha by Candace Fleming

Mrs. Muffly’s Monster by Sarah Dyer

Duck, Duck, Moose by Dave Horowitz

LeapFrog Letter Factory


Mm - Gallery Wall Numbered sm


1 – Mm Marble Painting

Mm - Marble Painting

We are making an alphabet book, with inspiration from HERE.


2 – Monster Math Cover Up

Mm - Monster Number Cover Up 01

I found this at The Measured MomWe also did the Count and Clip Cards and one of her Thanksgiving printables.

3 – Mouse Coloring Page

Mm - Mouse Coloring Page

Found through a Google search HERE.

4 – M Mouse

Mm - M Mouse

I got the idea for these HERE.


5 – Footprint Mouse

Mm - Footprint Mouse


6 – Hand print Moose (that looks more like a reindeer, to me)

Mm - Handprint Moose


7 – Blow Painting Monsters

Mm - Straw Blown Monsters


8 – Dot Marker Mm

Mm - Dot Marker Mm

I made a set of these for the entire alphabet in Word with “WordArt.” The font is Century Gothic.



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