Random Stories about Grace Wednesday

Random Story #1 – Magic Tree

G: Mommy, can I play with Daddy?

M: Of course you can, if he said it is okay.

G: He did!

M: Then why did you need to ask me?

G: Because I like to talk! I have my voice inside me – see, aaaaaah (pointing into her mouth) – it came from the magic tree!

[I have NO idea where that came from.]

{Told this to Brian. His response, “I think it’s time to trim that tree.”}  🙂


Random Story #2 – Smoothies = Family

The other day, we were on our way to Smoothie King.

G: I’m going to have a purple smoothie!! Daddy, what kind of smoothie are you going to have?

D: I’m going to have a mango smoothie.

G: Okay! Mommy, what kind of smoothie are you going to have?

M: I’m not going to have a smoothie, sweetie.

G: You have to have a smoothie, Mommy, ’cause we are a FAMILY. (there was a clear emphasis on family.)

D: [dying of silent laughter] Yeah, Mommy – we are a family.

M: Fine. I’ll get my green smoothie.



Random Story #3 – Hanukkah

We are not Jewish, but we usually try to explain what Hanukkah is to Grace, because it’s good for her to know a lot of random information (see any of the random stories posts).

This morning she and I were having a conversation and I said something along the lines of, “Hanukkah is a holiday that Jewish people celebrate instead of Christmas – it’s very special to them.”

G: No, Mommy. Hanukkah is when you put fire on the candles, ‘member?!?!

It is VERY clear that she does pay attention the books we read at bedtime, whether or not is seems like she is listening. Smh.


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