Random Stories about Grace Wednesday

Random Story #1 – Making Thanksgiving Dinner

Milestone Alert: Grace had a hand in EVERY part of Thanksgiving dinner this year, except for the turkey itself (hello, germs) and the filling for the chocolate pie (all done on the stove top).

She did a GREAT job helping me make pie crust, cutting apples for the filling, measuring anything that she could, preparing casseroles, mixing bread dough, and seasoning anything that we let her.

Now she thinks that she needs to help with everything in the kitchen.

Random Story #2 – Dinner Invite

This conversation happened on Thanksgiving:

M: Grace, dinner will be ready in about 10 minutes, so no snacks.

G: Mommy! I need to call Sloane!!

M: Why?

G: I need to invite her so she can come to our Thanksgiving party!!

Random Story #3 – Super Tracker

G: Mommy?

M: Yes?

G: Are you hiding?

M: If you mean, am I standing right here, in the same spot that I have been for about five minutes, then, yes, I am hiding. (I was approximately 10 feet from her, barely out of her line of sight.)

G: Okay.

(5 seconds later she comes around the corner)


M: Yes. Yes, you did.


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