Monster School – Letter Ii

Letter Ii

Books We Read

I Spy a Pumpkin by Jean Marzollo

Montessori: Letter Work

My “i” Sound Box by Jane Belk Moncure

Short “i” and Long “i” by Jane Belk Moncure

Show Me Insects by Mari Schuh



Ii - Gallery Wall Numbered sm


1 – Hand print Ice Cream Cone

Ii - Hand print Ice Cream


2 – Ii Ice Cube Painting

Ii - Ice Cube Painting 01

We are making an alphabet book, with inspiration from HERE.

Ii - Ice Cube Painting 02 sm

Ii - Ice Cube Painting 03 sm

Ii - Ice Cube Painting 04 sm

3 – I Ice Cream Cone

Ii - I Ice Cream


I got the idea for these HERE.

4 – Iguana Coloring Page

Ii - Iguana Coloring Page

Found through a Google search HERE.


6 – Dot Marker Ii

Ii - Dot Marker Ii

I made a set of these for the entire alphabet in Word with “WordArt.” The font is Century Gothic.



Icky Sensory Box

I made a simple sensory box with colored spaghetti noodles for Grace to play in. I added a pair of small tongs for her to work on some motor skills.

Ii - Icky Box 01 sm

Ii - Icky Box 02 sm

Ii - Icky Box 03 sm


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