Happy 3rd Birthday, Grace!

Today, the little girl turned THREE.

Yes, I know that comes after two and I know that November 4th happens every year.

But, damn. It’s always crazy to think that we have a three-year-old, now. (Yes, I say this every year – 2012 and 2013.)

In the past, her birthday party has been on or right before her birthday, so we haven’t every really had a small thing on her birthday.

Today, she got to open the four presents from Brian and I:

Birthday - 11042014 - 01 sm

 Her own camera

Birthday - 11042014 - 11 sm

Jake and the Neverland Pirates – Jake’s Musical Pirate Ship Bucky

Birthday - 11042014 - 02 sm

“Fire the boom-cannon!!”

Birthday - 11042014 - 03 sm

Peggy Seven Seas – Lalaloopsy

(We really kept with the pirate theme.)

Birthday - 11042014 - 04 sm

[Not pictured – a Peppa Pig stuffed animal]


What? You don’t use a blow torch to light birthday candles on an ice cream cake?

Birthday - 11042014 - 05 sm

Birthday - 11042014 - 06 sm

Birthday - 11042014 - 07 sm

Birthday - 11042014 - 08 sm

Birthday - 11042014 - 09 sm

Birthday - 11042014 - 10 sm

This is the BEST birthday party ever!!  —  Grace, age 3

{Now, on to the big party on Saturday…..}


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