Monster School – Letter Ee

Letter Ee

Books We Read (Apps, too)

Ben’s Pens by Alice Flanagan

Elmer and Super El by David McKee

Montessori: Letter Work

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin, Jr.

Museum ABC by Metropolitan Museum of Art

My First ABC by The Metropolitan Museum of Art



Ee - Gallery Wall Numbered - SM



1 – Dot Marker Ee

Ee - Dot Marker Ee

I made a set of these for the entire alphabet in Word with “WordArt.” The font is Century Gothic.


2 – Hand print Easter Egg

Ee - Handprint Easter Egg

3 – Elephant Coloring Page

Ee - Elephant Coloring Page

Found through a Google search HERE.


4 – Elephant E

Ee - Elephant E

I got the idea for these HERE.

Grace decided where she wanted the eye to go. [shrug – pick your battles with a toddler]

5 – Elbow Painting

Ee - Elbow Painting

We are making an alphabet book, with inspiration from HERE.

We had extra paint, so we got:

6 – Extra Finger Painting

Ee - Extra Finger Painting


7 – Hand print Elephant

Ee - Handprint Elephant



Houston Zoo – Elephants

This trip was specifically to see the elephants, but of course, that wasn’t the only thing we saw.

Houston Zoo 09242014 08 - SM

Houston Zoo 09242014 07 - SM

Houston Zoo 09242014 06 - SM

Here is the rest of the trip.


Easter Egg Letter Find

Similar to our Alphabet Letter Find, I put the magnet letters inside of spare Easter eggs.

Ee - Easter Egg Letter Find - SM

Ee - Easter Egg Letter Find - 02 - SM


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