Monster School – Letter Dd

Letter Dd

Books We Read (Apps, too)

Dinosaur Zoom by Penny Dale

That’s Not My Dinosaur by Fiona Watt

Skippyjon Jones and the Big Bones by Julie Schachner

Katy Duck Meets the Babysitter by Alicia Satin Capucilli

Mr. Doodle: C is for City by Orli Zuravicky

Mr. Doodle: A Color for Sketch by Orli Zuravicky

LeapFrog DVD Letter Factory

Interactive Alphabet App (IOS)



Dd - Gallery Wall Numbered - SM

1 – Hand print Dinosaur

Dd - Handprint Dinosaur


2 – Duck Coloring Page

Dd - Duck Coloring Page

Found through a Google search HERE.

3 – D Dinosaur

Dd - Dinosaur D

I got the idea for these HERE.

4 – Dots

Dd - Dd Dots 01

We are making an alphabet book, with inspiration from HERE.

Dd - Dd Dots 02 - SM

5 – Dot Marker Dd

Dd - Dot Marker Dd 01

I made a set of these for the entire alphabet in Word with “WordArt.” The font is Century Gothic.

Dd - Dot Marker Dd 02 - SM

6 – Hand print Duck

Dd - Handprint Duck



Houston Museum of Natural Science – Hall of Paleontology.

Since I was planning a trip to the museum, I decided to add a short stop at the park across the street for a photo op. Apparently, they wore Grace out, because she did NOT want to visit the dinosaurs.

Dd - HMNS 01 - SM

This was as close as she would get to them.

I took her upstairs to the “observation deck.”

Dd - HMNS 02 - SM

She still wasn’t into it.

I didn’t push it, but I thought the view was pretty cool.

Dd - HMNS 03 - SM

I DID get her to visit the Hall of African Wildlife (on the same floor as the observation deck).

Dd - HMNS 06 - SM

Dd - HMNS 05 - SM


She had a short chat with this duck….

Dd - HMNS 04 - SM

 …and explained to the antelope that the lion was trying to get them.

Ever the friend to animals.


Dinosaur Counting


Dd - Dinosaur Counting - SM

This is, once again, the same counting sheet/table that I made in Word that we used for Ant Counting and Bear Counting.


Dinosaur Excavation

Dd - Dinosaur Excavation - SM

Our dinosaur menagerie is growing. We now have THREE of these little guys.

Honestly, the only reason we don’t have more, is that I haven’t seen any more at the grocery store.


Stick Shapes

Dd - Shape Sticks 01

I attached small velcro squares to the ends of jumbo popsicle sticks and provided three shapes for Grace to make. (The pentagon shape is no in the photo.)


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