Random Stories about Grace Wednesday

Random Story #1 – Elephant 

While grocery shopping, Grace was drawing pictures on the grocery list.

M: What are you drawing?

G: Mommy, this is an efalant. Here is his eyes…

M: Oh, and here is his nose.

G: Here one leg…. here other leg [as she’s drawing them]

M: Where’s his tail?

G: He does not have a tail – I have not drawn it yet. [I could hear the eye roll.]

M: Oh, well, does he need a tail?

G: Yes. Hmmm… what else does he need? A bum!!  There’s his bum. [as she draws his bum.]

The important/awesome thing is that, if you know what she has drawn, you can actually see what it is.


Random Story #2 – Machos

One day, nachos sounded good to me for lunch. Grace was on board.

When she heard the microwave beep, she came running into the kitchen, “Mommy, are they machos, yet?”  (That is NOT a typo.)

She wouldn’t eat them though.


Random Story #3 – Healing Kiss

The crock pot/ slow cooker was working away at making our dinner when Grace touched it.

G: But when I touch it wif my fingers, it’s weally berry hot. (She was a little congested – which made it cuter.)

M: Yes, it is. Are you okay?

G: Yes, I’m okay. You no need to kiss it.

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