Houston Zoo – September 2014 Field Trip


It is finally cool enough in Houston that we can go and ENJOY the zoo.

The Houston Zoo is open year-round, but for those super hot months in the summer, I don’t even bother. Which just makes me laugh, as, having grown up in Iowa, it was those super cold months in the winter that we couldn’t visit the zoo.


Here we go!

Over the summer, the zoo has had Extreme Bugs!

Step 1 – Approach with caution.

Houston Zoo 09242014 01 - SM


Step 2 – Become friends.

Houston Zoo 09242014 02 - SM


Step 3 – Pet, pat, and soothingly tell the giant bug that it will all be okay.

Houston Zoo 09242014 03 - SM



Our first stop is usually to the meerkats… and they do NOT disappoint.

Houston Zoo 09242014 05 - SM

Houston Zoo 09242014 04 - SM



The animal that Grace asks for first is the elephant. I know that this time, it was specifically because of the swimming elephants on our last visit. This time it was lunch time, though, so no swimming elephants.

Houston Zoo 09242014 06 - SM

Houston Zoo 09242014 07 - SM

Houston Zoo 09242014 08 - SM



She loves these information centers. Of course, she can’t read the information provided, but she likes turning them so that they all match.

Houston Zoo 09242014 09 - SM

She was particularly interested in seeing these bears, this time, too. These two are fairly young cubs that were rescued, so they are usually playing and getting each other into trouble – wonderful to watch.

Houston Zoo 09242014 10 - SM

As long as the bug is behind glass, Grace is all for getting up close. (She will run from a room if there is a fly around, though).

Houston Zoo 09242014 11 - SM

Houston Zoo 09242014 12 - SM

Can’t miss brushing the goats, even though she usually only brushes one or two for a moment.

Houston Zoo 09242014 13 - SM


The aquarium at the zoo is tiny. But that’s okay for a two-year-old.


Houston Zoo 09242014 14 - SM

We also visited the reptile house this time. It must have been getting close to feeding time, because all of the snakes were pretty active.

This boa constrictor was moving his head around…

Houston Zoo 09242014 15 - SM

and this green mamba was searching all over – Grace loved it. He would stretch up along the glass and she would stretch up trying to reach as high as he did. It was impossible to get a photo that they were both clear – if the snake was in focus, the child was moving too much. Oh, well.

Houston Zoo 09242014 16 - SM




We had a sack lunch of “peanut butter and jelly squished in bread” and an apple…


Houston Zoo 09242014 17 - SM


Finished up with some exploring of the playground equipment.

Houston Zoo 09242014 20 - SM

Houston Zoo 09242014 19 - SM

She didn’t fall asleep on the car ride home, but she was in bed asleep almost 45 minutes early that night.


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