Monster School – Letter Cc

Letter Cc

Books We Read (Apps, too)

Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh

Little Blue and Little Yellow by Leo Lionni

To the Big Top by Jill Esbaum

Car Goes Far by Michael Garland

Little Cloud by Eric Carle

The Cow Who Clucked by Denise Fleming

Endless Alphabet App (Android | IOS)

Gus to Go: Spanish (Android | IOS)



Cc Gallery Wall Numbered - SM



1 – Car Track Painting
Cc - Car Tracks painting

This a continuation of the alphabet book we are making, with inspiration from HERE.


2 – C Crab

Cc - Crab C

I got the idea for these HERE.


3 – Hand-print Cheetah

Cc - Handprint Cheetah


4 – Cotton ball Cloud

Drawing on inspiration from Eric Carle’s Little Cloudwe made our own cloud.

Cc - Cottonball Cloud

This is a fine motor skills project that we have worked on several times. Grace knew just what to do. We pull the cotton balls apart into, at least, two, smaller pieces and then dip them in the puddle of Mod Podge.

Cc - Cottonball Cloud 02 - SM

Cc - Cottonball Cloud 03 - SM


5 – Dot Markers Cc

Cc - Dot Marker Cc
I made a set of these for the entire alphabet in Word with “WordArt.” The font is Century Gothic.


Color Blending

We read Little Blue and Little Yellow and Mouse Paint  and talked about how colors can mix together to make new colors.

Cc - Lightbox Color blending 01 - SM


Jen at Mama.Papa.Bubba had made this perfect little light box for her daughter, so, naturally, I knew it would be great for Grace.



Cc - Lightbox Color blending 02 - SM


She also had the tutorial how to make these color gel baggies to go along with Little Blue and Little Yellow. Thanks, Jen!!

Cc - Lightbox Color blending 03 - SM

Color Wheel Matching

We did several things with colors this week, this tray included.

I printed the Color Wheel HERE.

Cc - Color Wheel 01 - SM


The box was filled up with some very random objects.

Cc - Color Wheel 02 - SM


Grace enjoyed thinking and figuring out which objects went where.

Cc - Color Wheel 03 - SM



I happened to come across this wooden circus set through a consignment sale a couple of months ago and couldn’t wait until it was our Cc week to bring it out for Grace. It is wonderful!

Each piece is wooden, so very durable, and they are all able to stand on their own.

Cc - Circus 01 - SM


Actually, many of them stack nicely on top of each other – acrobatics all around.

Cc - Circus 02 - SM


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