Random Stories about Grace Wednesday

Random Story #1 – Dinner Curiosity

One evening, as I was preparing dinner, our littler diner trotted herself into the kitchen.

G: Hi, Mommy, what are you doing?

M: I’m making dinner.

G: Oh! Okay! Mommy, what will my dinner look like?

Of course, she was asking, “What will my dinner be?” but couldn’t think of the right words to do so. She is very good at figuring out how to ask what she needs, even if it isn’t quite correct, by English language standards.

Random Story #2 – New Pillow

On our Mommy and Gracie Road Trip this summer, we stayed at my brother’s house twice. His two-year-old doesn’t sleep in a crib any longer. That isn’t the part that intrigued Grace.

What DID interest my child was that Sloane has her own pillow!!

Grace and I had made a trip to IKEA soon after our trip, so I grabbed a cheap (very flat) pillow. It stayed in the guest room for a while.

One night, Brian was putting Grace to bed and he told me that she asked for a pillow – out of the blue. I laughed, because I already had one for her. The next night, she had her own pillow.

Since having one, she doesn’t travel around her bed as much any more. She doesn’t always stay ON the pillow, but she stays in that end of her bed (which is still a crib – she doesn’t seem to care.)

Random Story #3 – TV Helper

One day, Grace and I were watching a cartoon. Brian called, so I missed the first 5 (or so) minutes. I turned to Grace, and said, “Whoa, what happened? Why is she so small? Did she shrink?”

Grace replies, “No, Wally grew so big!”

Oh, okay!

I love that she has reached that age where she can recall events and relay them coherently.


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