Random Stories about Grace Wednesday

Random Story #1 – Soothing

Grace and Hera and Lulu have a tenuous relationship. Grace wants to play with them and they want to keep their distance from her.

One morning, Hera was cowering in one corner of the master bathroom, Lulu was laying just outside the door, and Grace was on the floor between them, deciding who her current target was. I had asked her several times to leave them both alone because she was making them nervous.

I started giggling when Grace started crawling, carefully, toward Lulu, saying, “Nervous, nervous, nervous.”

Lulu, at least, had the intelligence to run and hide in the living room.


Random Story #2 – My Rescuer

One morning, we were playing on the big bed with Grace’s dinosaurs. She had the T-rex trying to eat my toes.

M: Aaaah! The dinosaur is eating me! Help me, Gracie!!

G: I will save you!

G: Dinosaurs! No more eating Mommy!!

G: There, Mommy, you are saved.

My little hero.


Random Story #3 – Smoothies

It is no secret that, in our family, we like our smoothies.

After the library, I wanted a smoothie and I knew that Grace would be on board. We got out smoothies and were starting the drive home.

G: Mommy, why we have our waters and our smoothies? Why both of them?

M: Well, we always have our waters – in case we are thirsty – and we have our smoothies, because I wanted a smoothie and I thought that you would like one, too.

G: Ooh, I like that attitude!

M: I knew you would.


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