Random Stories about Grace Wednesday

Random Story #1 – Car Care Basics

Recently, the Expedition needed the oil changed, the tires rotated (thank you road trip), and the State Inspection done. The tires got done first, out of necessity. The tire place is a short walk away from Shipley Donuts. Grace and I dropped off the truck and walked over for a donut. By the time we walked back, they were already done with the tire rotation. Success. No need to entertain a toddler.

A week, or so, later we took care of the oil change and inspection, along with a discounted car wash. Again, we were only a short walk away from donuts. A walk, a couple donuts, and a walk back and the car was done. Again – success.

I laughed later with Brian, that if nothing else, Grace will always be willing to get work done on the cars…. as long as there are donuts available.


Random Story #2 – Don’t Take Grace’s Seat

The other morning, I had gone upstairs to get some things out of the office. I heard a distressed voice coming from the living room. Usually, she’ll start calling out/crying if she can’t find me.

I called downstairs: Grace, are you okay?

G {pouty voice]: Yeah.

M: Well, what’s wrong?

G {offended/angry voice}: Hera is in my seat!!!  MOVE, HERA!!


Luckily, she couldn’t hear me laughing at her.


Random Story #3 – Grocery Shopping

As I told Brian, we are THIS close to being able to drop her off at the curb with the list and money.*



*Absolutely, not true. We all know that.



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