Monster School: Dinosaurs

Monster School – Dinosaurs

Yep. We are still doing Monster School….. just much more laid-back this summer.

Basically, the entire month of August, we focused on Dinosaurs.

Reading books, painting, and a little archaeological excavation:

I found one of these at the grocery store for less than $2. I had to get another one after we finished this one – she LOVED it. (Yes, I did most of the work.)

Dinosaurs 01 - SM

Dinosaurs 02 - SM

Dinosaurs 03 - SM


Dinosaurs 05 - SM

Dinosaurs 04 - SM


I found these online and let Grace loose with dot markers.

Dinosaurs 06 - SM

Dinosaurs 07 - SM

Dinosaurs 08 - SM

Dinosaurs 09 - SM

These are my free-hand attempt at dinosaurs. They are on large art paper so Grace could paint on her easel.


Dinosaurs 10 - SM

Dinosaurs 11 - SM
Dinosaurs 12 - SM


Naturally, the highlight was the Family Trip to the Natural Science Museum.

HMNS 17 - SM



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