Random Stories about Grace Wednesday

Random Story #1 – I Spy

On our road trip, I was trying anything to get us through the last hour, so I taught Grace how to play “I Spy.”

Okay, it is definitely a two-year-old version, but it works.

M: Grace, can you find a green sign? (straight in front of us)

G: There it is!

M: Grace, can you find a blue truck? (that I’m passing)

G: Right there!!

G: Mommy, ask again!

M: Uhhhh (trying to find something specific)….. can you find any trees?

G {exasperated}: Mommy, there are trees everywhere. (not impressed with my asking ability.)


Random Stories #2 – Spot on description

At my aunt’s house, there were three large dogs to play with. Wrigley and Tracker are chocolate labs and Gunner is a Deutsch Drahthaar. One morning, Grace and I were discussing where we were going and she pipes up with, “Mommy, Gunner is spiky!”


Random Story #3 – End of Nap/Quiet Time

Unfortunately, it has happened.

Naps have always been difficult. Stressful and rough. For me.

A month or two ago, I changed it to Quite Time and didn’t require her to sleep. That lasted for a while, but then even that wasn’t working.

One afternoon, she was refusing to even lay still and quiet.

M: Grace, it is Quiet Time – that means you need to lay still and be quiet.

G: Mommy, I AM being quiet!! (not at all quietly)

After that, I gave up.

The first week of no nap/resting was a little rough, but already she’s adjusted pretty well. I decided that no nap meant that bed time had to become 7pm (instead of 8pm) because SOMEWHERE I needed to gain an hour of quietness.


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