Random Stories about Grace Wednesday

Random Story #1 – Check-up

Grace had her 2 1/2 year (30 month?) check-up in May.

Height: 37 inches  — 95%

Weight: 34 pounds  — 85%

At two and a half.


Random Story #2 – Nickel

While on a road trip, recently, Grace was amazing. We had to stop to pay a couple of tolls, and as we were not in Houston, we needed to pay with change/cash. Grace generally asks for a coin whenever she sees them. This time was no different, so I handed her a nickel after she ask.

M: Here is a nickel.

G: No, Mommy, it is a coin.

M: Yes, it is a coin, but this one is CALLED a nickel.

G: A mickel?

M: A n-n-n-nickel.

G: A NNNNNickel.

Few minutes pause as she considers this new information.

G: To buy a milkshake!?!?!


On one of her cartoons, a character needs nickels to buy milkshakes.

Toddler recall.


Random Story #3 – St. Christopher

While driving Brian’s Escape the other day, Grace asked me what the things were hanging from the rear view mirror. One is a cross and the other is a St. Christopher Medal. She knows what a cross is, so I told her that the medal has an image of St. Christopher on it – a special man who watches over travelers.

G: Travelers?

M: Yes, we travel when we go to other places. Like when we are driving.

G: And trains?

M: Yes, we travel when we ride on trains.

G: Yea! We are going to the ‘quarium! We ride the train and the carousel. Mommy and Gracie and Daddy.


She went from riding on trains is a way to travel to us all going to the Houston Aquarium to ride on the train and the carousel. Smh.


Random Story #4 – Baby Bastian

Good friends of our recently had their first baby. Grace was so excited to meet him/visit the hospital. All afternoon, she was excitedly telling us how we were going to see “Baby Bastian.” (His name is Sebastian.)

Mostly, she provided entertainment and comic relief in the hospital room, but I also got adorable photos, like this one:

Meeting Sebastian


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