Random Stories about Grace Wednesday

Random Story #1 – No A/C

A couple of weeks ago, our air conditioner broke.


It has broken every summer for the past three years – that’s three summers of having to patch and repair a system that we realized wasn’t really that great.

The first time we were without A/C, we bought a spot cooler to make it through the situation.

When we realized that the house A/C wasn’t working, we immediately pulled out the portable one and got it up and running.

The fan blows right at the top of Grace’s head. She LOVED it. She was dancing around the living room, cheering, “Mommy, it’s windy!”

She came up to both Brian and I, individually, and said, “Thank you Daddy/Mommy for getting me the air conditioner.” So cute.


Random Story #2 – Lucky to be Alive

One evening, Brian was running late at work and I was working to get dinner made. It sounded like Grace was happily playing on her magnet/marker board. This is not unusual.

She comes to me in the kitchen and proudly shows me her feet. Covered in dry erase marker.

I sighed and asked her, “Are you supposed to do that with your markers?” She knew she was in trouble. I said, “Please go sit in time out.”

A few moments later, I could tell that she wasn’t in the chair, so I walked around to talk to her. That’s when I saw this:




I sent her to her room. Resolve Carpet Cleaner got everything out.

My second thought was, “Hey, that actually looks like something! I’m so proud!”


Random Story #3 – Popsicle

As we are getting into Houston summer, Grace has been enjoying many pocksiples (popsicle). It’s adorable to hear her ask for one (or many).



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