Houston Aquarium

Spring Break Aquarium 10 - WM

Spring Break Aquarium 01 - WM

Spring Break Aquarium 02 - WM

Notice the fish swimming above her and to her right.

Did she care?


She was more interested in the fish hiding in the bucket/pot.

Spring Break Aquarium 03 - WM

I explained to her that these were Lionfish.

Yep, she thought I was crazy.

(I DID explain to her that they do not roar like lions,

but their fins made them look like a lion’s mane.

She still wasn’t buying it.)

Spring Break Aquarium 04 - WM

At first, she didn’t realize that the divers (cleaners) were real people,

she just thought they were fun to look at.

Then this one came over and waved at her

AND she got to give him a high-five.

She talked about it all afternoon.

Spring Break Aquarium 05 - WM

Check out her scary roar.

Spring Break Aquarium 06 - WM

I love visiting places right when they open –

the animals are more alert and not already bored with visitors.

This is Nero and he had fun pacing the window for Grace and a group of daycare kids.

Spring Break Aquarium 07 - WM

Because I can. 🙂

Spring Break Aquarium 08 - WM

Never let it be said that we don’t love carousels.

Spring Break Aquarium 09 - WM

“Daddy, I rided a shark on the cawosel!”

Spring Break Aquarium 11 - WM

Those are all sharks swimming behind/over/around us.

Grace loved it.


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