Photo Dump: Playground

We LOVE the playground.

Grace loves to play in the sand. I love that she doesn’t care about getting her hands dirty.

Playground 02 - WM

Playground 03 - WM

Playground 04 - WM

Playground 05 - WM

She also really likes the slides. Our playground has three small slides that she can do all on her own.

Playground 06 - WM

They endings aren’t always the prettiest, though. 🙂

Playground 07 - WM

Back to the sand.

Playground 08 - WM

Quick teeter-totter with Daddy.

Playground 09 - WM

She will always ask to swing, but after about 5 pushes, she’s done.

Playground 10 - WM

Spider Monkey.

Playground 11 - WM

We brought her soccer ball with us on our last trip.
She is getting pretty good at kicking… though she has little/no aiming skills.

Playground 12 - WM

Playground 13 - WM

Brian has also been teaching her how to do the goalie throw.

Playground 14 - WM

Did I mention that she loves the sand?

Playground 15 - WM


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