Random Stories about Grace Wednesday

Random Story #1 – Frozen Yogurt

We were on our way to HEB (the grocery store) and were at the last light before the parking lot. Grace knows this area well. As I’m waiting for the light to turn, this conversation happened.

“Mommy, where’s frozen yogurt?!?” [outraged]

“What frozen yogurt? We are going to HEB to get groceries.”

“My want frozen yogurt!”

“Not right now, no.”

“Peeese, my have frozen yogurt?” [pleading]

“No, we are going to HEB. It’s right there. It is time to get groceries, not frozen yogurt.”

“My want frozen yogurt!!!” [demanding]

“No. We are not getting frozen yogurt. You can throw a fit the entire time we are in HEB, but we are getting groceries.”


“THEN we get frozen yogurt.”

— end conversation —

(No,we did NOT get frozen yogurt after grocery shopping)

Brian’s response when I told him the story later: “Good, her negotiation skills aren’t THAT good yet.”


Random Story #2 – Learning about Locks

Whenever we (Grace and I) use a public restroom, I let her unlock the stall door – I figure it is a good learning exercise in case she ever locks herself in one of the stalls. She is pretty strong with all the variations of locks – slid, twist, the one with a little paddle…

Apparently not with bedroom door locks, though.

The other night Brian and I were in the living room and Grace was “watching” a movie in our bedroom. (I use the term ‘watching’ very loosely, because I doubt she actually saw more than 10% of the movie.) I don’t remember how the game started, but it took a turn in a direction she didn’t like.

She was busy opening and closing the master bathroom doors and decided that she was going to close the bedroom door, too. [Side Note: She can open all the bedroom or closet doors in our house. She cannot open the doors leading outside, because they are too heavy – and I don’t let her.] She closed it and I heard her working to try to open it again. She still has some trouble coordinating the turning and pulling part.

She started to get angry/frustrated/scared, so I got up to help her and the door was locked. Apparently, she was turning the lock instead of the doorknob. I wasn’t too worried, I went off to try to find a ball-point pen that I could take apart. While I was looking, Brian went to the door to try to get Grace to unlock it. In stead of being scared, now, she was a little brat and told him, “No!”

I did find a pen that I could take apart, but it didn’t work. In the end, we were able to just take the doorknob off and then unlock it.

We had a family discussion about not playing with the doors.


Random Story #3 – Daylight Savings Time

It wouldn’t be daylight savings if we didn’t all complain about it. While we did Spring Forward on Saturday night, it didn’t really cause any problems until Monday.

This time, the change seems to be affecting Grace counter-intuitively. Instead of having trouble falling asleep and staying up later – she has been ready for nap and bed earlier. I keep wracking my brain, trying to figure out if I have it backward and she should be tired earlier. But, no, I’m pretty sure that she is the one confused.

Also, this week she has been very cry-y. Not whiny or naughty, but she’s been crying at the drop of a hat. Monday, it was because the wind blew a [secured] balloon toward her general direction; Tuesday, it was because I told her that she couldn’t just throw her trash on the floor in the grocery store – I didn’t yell at her, I just said, “That’s not okay, please pick it up,” I looked back down and she was literally in tears.

I have the feeling we are in the midst of another growth spurt. Awesome…. no one believes she’s 2-years-old, anyways.

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