Random Stories about Grace Wednesday

Random Story #1 – Politely Avoiding Punishment

Grace has entered the middle-twos with volume. She randomly yells and she LOVES to roar like a dinosaur.

It’s cute.

MOST of the time.

One day, recently, she was in a yelling mood, and she started yelling AT me. That is not okay. Though she is only two, we are working hard to teach her to be respectful to others.

Grace (yelling): Mommy! I want more milk.

I had already asked her three times to not yell and ask me politely. This time I turned to her and said: Do you need your mouth slapped?

Grace: [yelling] NO! [not yelling] Thank you!

We had a short discussion on where her behavior had gone wrong, she apologized, and then she got more milk. All was right in the world.

One of the hardest parts of parenting is NOT laughing at your child when you are supposed to be reprimanding/scolding them. The way that she very quickly changed her tone, was hilarious. It took all of my strength not to laugh at her. I couldn’t tell this story to Brian without busting out laughing.

Random Story #2: Not Big

We have been working hard on potty training over the past month and it is going very well.

On one occasion, finishing up a potty break, I said to Grace, “Great job! You are such a big girl!”

Grace: “No, Mommy, I not big. I tiny. I a baby.”

Ha! If only.

This picture tells the truth – she’s not in a high chair, booster, or anything.



Random Story #3: Negotiating

Brian and I remark OFTEN how Grace is a natural-born litigator. She is all about bargaining and negotiating…. and she’s two. I’m scared to see if she uses her powers for good or for evil.

Recently, at library story time, Grace tried to put those skills to the test.


Grace is in green at the bottom right. The little girl next to her (in pink) had a scoop that Grace wanted. Grace asked me several times if she could have it. I told her no, that she could not take it away from the other girl. When she realized that I wasn’t going to help her, she turned her focus to the little girl.

Grace asked her several times if she could have the scoop. The girl either didn’t understand her or was just trying to placate her, because she kept handing Grace some of the noodles (that’s what they are digging in). After several attempts at giving the little girl something else to play with, Grace finally went about playing with other toys available. Within 5 minutes, the little girl put down the scoop to look at something else.

Having watched the entire thing, I didn’t think Grace even noticed the scoop anymore – until the girl put it down. Seriously, Grace had her back to the little girl, but as soon as she moved away from the scoop, Grace picked it right up and started playing a new game.

I love that she was able to bide her time and eventually got what she wanted.

And I’m a little scared.



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