Houston Zoo Trip

Grace has been mentioning the zoo about once a week since the beginning of the year. With the mid-to-upper-70-degree weather we had this week, I took the opportunity to take her to the zoo. She was so excited. I decided that we would do the entire trip without a stroller – because she doesn’t ride in it 96% of the time anyways. I packed us a picnic lunch and we set off. It was rather busy – as most parents were also taking advantage of the weather, but it wasn’t a problem. Grace didn’t notice, but there were several exhibits that were closed for renovations or cleanings or whatever – all very normal if Houston would have been having normal weather. I was only bummed because the playground equipment was one of those things closed. We still had lots of fun.

We always visit the Meerkats first.

Houston Zoo 02182014 01 - WM


“What’s that over there?!?!?”

Houston Zoo 02182014 02 - WM


We spent over ten minutes watching these two swim.

Houston Zoo 02182014 03  - WM


Even then, I had to tell Grace that we weren’t spending our entire trip to the zoo watching the elephants.

Houston Zoo 02182014 04 - WM

Houston Zoo 02182014 05 - WM


She felt the need to HOP! over ever crack in the path.

Houston Zoo 02182014 06 02 - WM

Houston Zoo 02182014 07 02 - WM




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