Random Stories about Grace Wednesday

Random Story #1, #2, AND #3 – I know!

#1 – Sunday morning I walked into Grace’s room to get her ready for church and the first thing the little pip squeak says, while still in her crib, “Mommy, I know!! Fwimming!!”

#2 – Later that night, going to get ready for bed, the little angel puts her finger to her chin and says, “Mommy, I want to paint.”

#3 – We finished up our last errand for the day and we were going to head home. I was buckling Grace into her car seat and she asked where we were going next. I asked her, “Where should we go?”

“Ice cream!!”

I laughed and told her no and that we were going home. I started to back myself out of the backseat to close the door and a little voice says,

“I like doughnuts….” with an impossibly cute grin.


In case you couldn’t guess, the answer to all of these moments of brilliance was no. Generally, she got to do the things she wanted later – swimming in the bath tub, painting with several different mediums, and she has gotten frozen yogurt several times.


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