Happy Lunar New Year!

This past weekend we celebrated the Chinese New Year. It was a lot of fun.

This project was mostly done by my, as you can guess, but Grace did help me and she really enjoys playing with her dragon. That mostly consists of running around and growling/roaring at us.

Chinese New Year 2014 - 04 - WM

Chinese New Year 2014 - 05 - WM

Saturday, we visited The Woodland’s Children’s Museum for their Chinese New Year celebration, complete with Lion Dancers. Grace was so excited to see them…. as long as they weren’t too close.

Chinese New Year 2014 - 01 - WM

Chinese New Year 2014 - 02 - WM


The Lion Dancers were AMAZING. They did SO well for the age group they were working with – most of the kids in the audience were under 7.

Chinese New Year 2014 - 03 - WM

Grace loved the new museum. I actually like this one better than the Children’s Museum of Houston – for Grace’s current age. At the CMH, Tot Spot is designed for the kids under three years old, most of the rest of the museum is geared toward kids 6 and up. She loves to visit, but there is always a serious sensory overload. The Woodland’s Children’s Museum is perfect for the kids under 5. It is MUCH smaller than CMH, but I really do like it more.

Chinese New Year 2014 - 07 - WM

Chinese New Year 2014 - 08 - WM


I couldn’t get her away from the water table.

Chinese New Year 2014 - 06 - WM

She keeps asking when we are going back so she can go shiffing (fishing) again.



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