Children’s Museum Visit

Here are some fun photos (from my phone) from our last visit to the Children’s Museum.

Apparently, we have a little scientist on our hands.

Learning how gears work:

CMH - 01022014 - 01 WM

Learning about planes and inclines while rolling golf balls down ramps:

CMH - 01022014 - 02 WM

She figured out how to work the catapult on her own.
Unfortunately, the balls weren’t dense enough to knock down our building on the other table.

CMH - 01022014 - 03 WM

CMH - 01022014 - 04 WM

Learning about centrifugal force:

CMH - 01022014 - 05 WM

Learning about viscosity (so she can go to work with Daddy!):

CMH - 01022014 - 06 WM

As my mom asked me when she saw this picture,
“Did she think you were crazy when you told her this was a phone?”
Yes, yes she did.

CMH - 01022014 - 07 WM

CMH - 01022014 - 08 WM

Before we left, we worked on one of the available projects in the Creation Hall. Grace really enjoyed being able to sit at the table, like the big kid that she is, and use markers, scissors, and a hole punch.

CMH - 01022014 - 09 WM

She was so excited to tell Brian about her day after this trip.


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