Random Stories about Grace Wednesday

Random Story #1 – Hola!

Over the holidays, we took Grace to a [very casual] dinner party. Something along the lines of 75% of the guests were fluent in Spanish and/or English is their second language. Suffice it to say, there was a lot of Spanish floating around the house.

At one point a couple of new guests arrived. Grace heard others great them with “Hola!”

A little two-year-old voice piped up with, “A new friend! Hola!”

It was great. Our child of the world. 🙂

Random Story #2 – Observations on the road

On the way to the library, we got stuck behind an 18-wheeler transporting a large tank of some sort. Grace noticed we were going pretty slowly and asked what was wrong. I explained that the truck was carrying something very heavy, so he had to go slower and so we had to wait our turn. She asked a couple of questions and then was quiet for a few minutes. Then I hear,

“Mommy, that truck no can go to the libry, it too big!”

Observation 01 WM

Random Story #3 – Random IKEA trip

On our last trip to IKEA, I let Grace walk. She had a lot of fun touching everything that she could…. and then had to test out the toddler bed.



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