Random Stories about Grace Wednesday

Random Story #1 – Snitch

The other day, Brian, Grace, and I were running errands. From the backseat:

Grace: Mommy, go home?

Me: No, we aren’t going home.

Grace: Go HEB?

Me: No, we don’t need to get groceries today.

Grace: Go Hobby Lobby? (very excited)

Me (laughing): No, we aren’t going to Hobby Lobby today.

Me to Brian: We do NOT go there that often.

Brian: Uh, huh.

My daughter is a little snitch.


Random Story #2 – Treat Memory

One afternoon, after be VERY good while in the mall, I took Grace to look at the Christmas decorations and we stopped at Rock Mountain Chocolate Factory to get the family some treats. I gave Grace a Chocolate Covered Graham Cracker. It was a short treat on a busy day.

Five days later, Grace and I had this conversation:

Grace: Mommy, go mall?

Me: The mall? Why do you want to go to the mall?

Grace: Gacie ride stroller. Get chocolate gham kaker? [With a giant grin on her face].

There is nothing that this girl doesn’t remember.


Random Story #3 – Furniture

Our living room set consists of a “fofa,” a “lovie,” and an “oddo.”

Silly me, I call them the sofa, love seat, and ottoman.


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