Random Stories about Grace Wednesday

Ha! On time this week!  Yea, me!

I hear very often, “She is speaking so much! or so well!”


She speaks in paragraphs, now.


This has caused some new confusions to arise.

Random Story #1 – Parkour

One morning I was getting ready in the bathroom and Grace was playing nicely in the living room. I stepped out to check on her and, upon seeing me, she says [what I hear], “Gacie pay parkour?”

Uh… okay? My mind was racing trying to figure out what she was actually saying, because I was pretty sure that my 2-year-old didn’t really want to do free running.


But, maybe she did. I don’t know.

I walked back into the bathroom, but came back out soon after. Again, she says, “Gacie pay parkour?”

At this point, because of where she was standing and her proximity to my laptop, I realized that she was clarifying that she SHOULDN’T play with the POWER CORD.

Yeah, and am supposed to be the world’s interpreter for her.


Random Story #2 – Alligator!

Grace was in our room watching a movie on our bed; Brian was in the living room; I was in the kitchen making cupcakes. All of a sudden Grace came running to me, clearly upset, demanding to be picked up. After picking her up, I asked her what was wrong.

“No get Gacie!”

“What is going to get Gracie?”


I was completely confused, but we walked back in to the bedroom, Brian, too. I was trying to figure out what the problem was – was she talking about the alligator in the bathtub with her fishing rod? Was there something on the movie that scared her? – though I doubted that, because she was watching Mickey Mouse Saves Santa. I just couldn’t imagine there was an alligator attacking the North Pole.

Brian immediately walked into the bathroom to see what he could find. I asked Grace again what the problem was. She hid her face from the window. I looked over and was surprised myself.

One of the MANY geckos that live in our back yard had crawled inside the window screen and was directly on the window. Including his tail, he was a good 6 inches long. I can definitely understand how a little girl, who was tired and relaxing with a movie, could glance over, see that, and freak out a little bit.

After her first scare, we showed her how he couldn’t get her and that lizards/geckos were really good – they ate bugs (namely mosquitoes). With very little prompting, she was now best friends with the lizard and was upset when he was able to get back out of the window to go about his life.

Random Story #3 – Eskimo Kiss

Brian recently taught Grace how to Eskimo Kiss – touching noses.

She LOVES it.

I was folding clothes in the laundry room when I heard her come running for me. I heard, “Mommy, I come to kiss you!”  It took a minute to realize she was exclaiming, “Eckimo kiss! Eckimo kiss!”  I love toddler speak.


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