Texas Renaissance Festival 2013

Texas Renaissance Festival 2013

This weekend we took Grace to her first Renaissance Festival. It was amazing weather, which just added to our fun.

TexRenFest 2013 - 01 - WEB

TexRenFest 2013 - 02 - WEB

TexRenFest 2013 - 03 - WEB

TexRenFest 2013 - 04 - WEB

TexRenFest 2013 - 05 - WEB

TexRenFest 2013 - 06 - WEB

TexRenFest 2013 - 07 - WEB

TexRenFest 2013 - 08 - WEB


Moments after this photo, that little goat bobbed his head to the left and sort of poked Grace with one of his horns in her leg. She was not happy = the photo below. (And then, 2 or 3 minutes later the pot-bellied pig freaked her out, so she was done.)

TexRenFest 2013 - 09 - WEB


While all of this was cute, Grace really DID enjoy it – she loves to see people in costume. She will tell me that they are costumes, so I think that she sort of understands that they are regular people, just dressed up. None freaked her out, which only surprised me with two particular ones. 1. The Barbarian King was in full regalia with animal skins and antlers surrounding him in his cart/carriage – she was totally cool with it and happily waved to him and even said bye as we walked away. (Note to anyone thinking about going to the Texas Renaissance Festival in Plantersville: The people employed by the festival are AWESOME with children – seriously, they get it.) 2. (this is our favorite part of the whole day) When explaining to Grace that we were going to the Renaissance Festival (bestipal – to Grace), we told her that she would be able to play games, eat yummy food, and see people in costumes like kings and queens and, maybe, a shiny knight. After we had entered the actual festival and walked for about 10 minutes, she had seen other people in costumes and asked where was a shiny knight. We told her that we had to keep looking. As we were stopped to watch a musical act perform, I was looking around and I saw a knight. (I do not have photos of any of this, I am so sorry and sad) He looked more like the black knight from Monty Python’s Holy Grail:

rather than the shiny knight that Grace was thinking of:

She and Brian saw him at the same time (Grace was on his shoulders at this time). Brian pointed the knight out and Grace agreed, but was a little wary. I didn’t think any more of it as we were about to move on. The next thing I knew, the knight and his friends in costumes (a lady and probably his squire) came over to us. He didn’t speak, the lady did for him, as he handed Grace a ring. Oh, my goodness you should have seen her face.

She accepted the pink heart ring and said, “Thank You.” I explained to her that it was a ring and put it on her finger (it is too big even for her thumb). Once she understood more, she thanked them again and was so happy. All weekend she has been running around with it telling us how the “siney knight [gave] Gacie wing!”


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