Random Stories about Grace Wednesday

….or Thursday. Whatever.

Random Story #1 – Race Car Luck

On Mondays we go grocery shopping. Grace is always very excited for the samples and to ride in a race car cart. Generally, she wants a yellow one (red and blue also being choices), but she is fine with any of them. This week, we were just about to get to the cart area and Grace shrieks, “Yellow cart!!”

Another mom and three-ish-year-old boy had just gotten to the carts. There were only two race car carts left, a yellow one first and then a red one. Like I said, Grace is fine with any of them, so I wasn’t worried that they were going to take the yellow one. The mom turned to her son and asked him which one he wanted. He wanted the red one. The mom pulled out the yellow one and asked if we wanted it. I thanked her, Grace thanked her, I put Grace in, and we all went on our way.

I just laughed as we walked away, thinking, “Grace, you really lucked out this time!”

Random Story #2 – Potty Training on her Own

The other day, I was blow drying my hair and Grace was playing in the linen closet, as usual. She usually plays with the Swiffer duster, her blankets, her headbands (or tiaras, in her mind), or just dancing in the mirror. This time, she was playing with her little potty (it plays music and makes sounds). I stopped using the little potty with her because she just thought it was a toy and a game. I just put her on the regular toilet and she goes potty no problems.

So, while she was playing with the potty, she came over to me and asked, “Diaper off, please?” I figured, “What the heck – we are on tile. Anything would be easy to clean up.” I took off her diaper and she went back to the closet. She spent nearly five minutes pulling and pushing the potty around to get it in a good position (where it wouldn’t move when she tried to sit on it). Then she got distracted by the sounds again. Then she sat down and peed.

After cleaning up and high-fives, I thought, “Okay, maybe it IS time to get really serious about this potty training thing.”

Random Story #3 – Toddler Empathy

I have been fighting a cold for almost a week. Finally, on Monday, I admitted that I was sick. It is just a head cold, so it hasn’t slowed me down that much, but it has affected our days. Tuesday morning, as I was getting Grace out of her crib, she asks, “Mommy not feel good?” I don’t remember saying to her that I didn’t feel good, but I must have at some point on Monday, and she remembered. Wednesday morning was the same. She never asked any other time during the day, just that once in the mornings. Then, this morning, she asked, “Mommy feeling better?” I told her that, “Yes, I am feeling better, thank you.” Her response, “Hooray!”


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