Back to School: Grace’s Monster School

Monster School Day 1 - WEB

For the past two months, I had planned to start Grace’s “school” last week – Labor Day marking the end of summer, it being the beginning of September, and all of the area schools back in session. For two months I kept thinking, “I need to start getting things together” and “I really need to work on her projects.”

Yep. SO wasn’t ready.

I cut myself A LOT of slack, because my 21 month old has no idea what I had planned. She doesn’t care that we started today rather than last week. She is just excited.

As soon as I said to her this morning, “Grace, we are going to start Monster School today,” she got very excited, ran to get her shoes, and told me that she was ready to go on the bus. I laughed and told her that we were going to have school in the kitchen, among other areas in our house.

A note on the name of our school: I have been thinking about what to call our school for those two months that I didn’t get things prepared and then this weekend it just hit me. I had read blogs by one mom that called her preschool “Baby Bear Preschool” – a name that her daughter picked; another that I really like, calls hers “Tot School” – which I do like, but I am doing things quite differently, so I don’t want any confusion. “Monster School” comes directly from Henry Hugglemonster – one of our favorite cartoons on Disney Junior.

After one day, my favorite thing about school is that it completely wears Grace out. This was nap time today:

Naptime 09092013 - WEB


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