At the Movies – Planes

We took Grace to see her first movie in the movie theaters on Friday. We went to see Disney’s Planes. The movie was really good – we weren’t really worried about that. We planned it so that we were at the 11:30 am showing, on a Friday, AFTER school had started. We were one of four families/small groups in the entire theater – there weren’t more than a dozen adults and kids.

Grace did an amazing job. No, she definitely did NOT sit and watch the movie calmly – don’t think that. Where we sat, she was able to stand and walk between Brian and I (two seats apart) and hang on the railing in front of us. I think that if it was a movie that she already knew, she might have sat and watched more. As it was a new movie, with a whole new experience of the theater, she was too excited to sit still.

I was able to get this cute photo.

Planes Movie 08292013 - Watermarked WEB


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