Visiting the Zoo with Grandma and Grandpa

Last week while we were visiting my parents, we went to the not-so-nearby zoo. The Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo was a staple of my childhood. It is about an hour from where I grew up, but we generally made the trip down to visit it once ever summer. Brian had been there one Christmas when our flight got cancelled and we were already in town. Though, being winter in the midwest, we only visited the inside exhibits, so this was a whole new adventure for him as well.

The Omaha Zoo is probably 5 or six time larger than the Houston Zoo – which is why I was a little disappointed the very first time I visited the Houston Zoo. Now, though, I love the Houston Zoo, because it is the perfect size for a toddler. Visiting the (much) larger zoo was quite a feat for Grace – well, all of us.

Omaha Zoo 01 - WEB

Omaha Zoo 02 - WEB

Omaha Zoo 03 - WEB

Omaha Zoo 04 - WEB

One zoo keeper just told us that Grace needed to wash her hands before reaching into this touch-tank. The other, after we waited in line, immediately said, “Oh, no. She’s much to young.” As Brian told her, Grace has done these before (at the Georgia Aquarium when she was barely a year old). She was very skeptical, but let Grace do it. Grace touched a couple of sea stars, a sea anemone, and a sea cucumber. Generally, she was better behaved than the 8-year-olds behind us.

Omaha Zoo 05 - WEB

I love taking photos in aquariums – the salt-water tanks provide awesome lighting.

Omaha Zoo 06 - WEB

Omaha Zoo 07 - WEB

In the butterfly garden:

Omaha Zoo 08 - WEB

This “baby giraffe” was the ONLY thing that Grace would pick up and keep in the entire gift shop, so Grandma bought him for her. He is well loved in our house now.

Omaha Zoo 09 - WEB




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