Random Stories about Grace Wednesday

Random Story #1 – Words 

This weekend, Grace started saying “tinkabella.”

At first thought, I would think that she is talking about TinkerBell – the fairy. HOWEVER, Grace doesn’t really know who that is for her to be bringing it up randomly. She as watched a TinkerBell movie, but it didn’t really hold her attention and we don’t have any TinkerBell toys.

My next attempt at figuring it out was thinking that she was talking about the umbrella – “take the umbrella” – combined into one word. But, she is really clear when talking about the umbrella, because we usually have to discuss if it’s raining and then if we need our sunglasses or not. Every Time.

Another guess is that she is saying, “tickle belly.” This one could really be true, but usually when she wants her belly tickled, she lifts her shirt up, too. That is not the case here.

My final thought is that it is just a word that she finds is fun to say – like Oligodendroglia or Herzegovina. I’m leaving it at this right now.

Random Story #2 – Grace’s Table

A little over a month ago, Grace started eating meals at her table. It was quickly obvious that she ate much better – without whining or playing – at her table than she had in her high chair. At first, I would sit with her so she would understand that it was a time to eat, not to play. After about a week, we started to notice that she was doing even better when she ate by herself – if I was still finishing dinner for Brian and I. She is such a big kid! 😦

Every morning, though, she and I do sit and have breakfast together. At the end of the meal, she hands me her cereal bowl and we go to the sink to clean up. I help her wipe her hands (so she doesn’t add to the mess when she is trying to help clean up) and Grace uses a wash rag to wipe down her table, push in the chairs, and put the wash rag away.

Just like her help with the vacuuming and the dishes, I hope she remembers that she LIKED to help clean in a few years when she has real chores of her own.

Random Story #3 – Toddler Recall

My parents have a 120 lb black lab with the head the size of a bear. Faith (the dog) is awesome. She’s a hunting dog, but she’s a chicken when it comes to a toddler. She and Grace are literally eye-to-eye right now, which made for a lot of kisses for Grace. There was a little trouble when it came to toys, too. Faith has stuffed animals, which Grace thought were awesome – some of them squeaked. Grace had a couple stuffed animals along with her, too, which Faith thought were awesome because they weren’t covered in dog slobber.

One of my favorite parts of the whole trip was the morning we were leaving. Grace was carrying around Sven in anticipation of being in the car. Faith SO gently pulled him out of Grace’s arms 5 or six times until I put him in the truck to wait for us. I just loved that this huge dog was so gently biting a leg (Sven’s) that is the size of a pencil and taking him away from a 21 month old.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, anytime we got into the truck, Grace asked if we were going to Grandma’s house or if we were going to see Faith. As soon as she would bring up Faith, then she would have to tell us how Faith licked her in the face and how she tried (did) steal Sven. Okay, that makes sense to me.

Sunday, out of no where – we were in the car driving back home from lunch – Grace asked if we were going to Grandma’s house to play with her ship. I was so confused at first – Brian realized what she was talking about, though. My mom had bought this to keep at her house for grandkids’ visits:

Fisher-Price Little People Pirate Ship

We played with it the whole time we were there, but she didn’t seem obsessed with it. I just found it funny that she would think of it several days later.


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