Road Trip Recap

My family is a road trip family. Growing up, we drove to our vacations. True, our vacations were usually to visit relatives, but these trips were 16 hours west to Montana or 16 hours south to Houston. I went to college four hours east of my hometown. There were plenty of trips back and forth across the state of Iowa.

Brian is more of a flyer. Don’t get me wrong. I REALLY enjoy flying, too. It’s a whole other adventure. But, there is just something about a road trip that appeals to me – you get to determine your departure and arrival times, you select the layovers/pit stops, and you get to choose your traveling buddies.

This past week, we made the 1,000 mile trip to my parents’ house in southeastern South Dakota (over two days). I like traveling back to the Midwest. I don’t miss the winters, but I do miss the actual seasons. I enjoyed traveling through this for two days each way:

Road Trip 10 - WEB

I know that it gets boring, but at least there is something to look at.

We have learned that we need to stop every 4 or 5 hours. This works out perfectly. We stop in Dallas on the way north and stay overnight in Wichita, then we stop in Topeka on the way south and stay overnight in Norman. We stop at a chosen mall so Grace can walk around and we can all stretch our legs. She has also discovered other amazing aspects of road trips – she generally gets whatever she wants. In her defense, she is an AWESOME traveler. For any age, not just as a toddler. So, we have let her try some new things when we stop.

Road Trip 01 - WEB

Road Trip 02 - WEB

Road Trip 07 - WEB

Road Trip 08 - WEB

Road Trip 09 - WEB

Road Trip 11 - WEB

Road Trip 12 - WEB

Road Trip 13 - WEB

Road Trip 14 - WEB

Road Trip 06 - WEB

Thanks to these stops, THIS is the result:

Road Trip 05 - WEB

Road Trip 04

Road Trip 03

She will usually take a 2 1/2 hr – 3 hr nap after stopping and having lunch.


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