Random Stories about Grace Wednesday

Random Story #1 – Horses

One morning, Grace made a beeline for her farm after breakfast and was happily playing with her animals. Then I realized what she was doing. The cow and goat were “eating” the grass, the sheep was talking to the pig, and she was trying to ride one of the horses. I laughed and asked her if that’s what she was doing. She replied, “yep!” and then came running to me with the other horse so I could ride him. She put both horses on the floor, pointed at mine, and said, “Mommy!”

Luckily, my phone rang, so I couldn’t take a ride. 🙂

Random Story #2 – Teething Sucks

Grace has been working on cutting her canine/incisors for about 2 weeks now. Most recently, she was super whiny and then strangely spiked a fever. It didn’t last 24 hours, but she was not herself. She was extra cuddly, which is nice, but also very indicative of how poorly she was feeling. But, like night and day, the second afternoon, she was her usual, crazy self.


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