Grace and “I’m Sorry”

Along with entering the world of time-outs, we are also trying to teach Grace when and why to say “I’m sorry.”

About a month ago, Grace wouldn’t say sorry to Brian. We knew that she felt badly and that she meant sorry, but she wouldn’t say the words. She gave extra hugs and kisses, through tears; but not the words. I found a couple of books at the library about saying sorry and one is awesome.

In the book, Martha has a rough day and gets sent to time-out. Through the story, she learns that when you say “sorry,” you get to do more things – like have a cookie or get a piggy back ride.

We have been reading this book off and on for about 5 days and it has already made a drastic change in her attitude. Grace has been quick to say sorry when she knows that she has messed up. She has to say sorry to get out of time-out, but not until the timer is up. So far, it has been working very well. She even told Lulu that she was sorry when she accidentally bumped her with one of her toys. 🙂


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