Project Review: Zoo

This has been a rainy week in Houston. Grace and I were still able to do our zoo week.

07 - Graces Weekly Schedule - July 15 - 19


I found this idea on Pinterest, of course. Grace really enjoyed Play Dough when we introduced it to her last week, so I thought this would be fun for her. I made the example cage for the giraffe, she took it apart, and then made it perfect.

Zoo Projects 02 - WEB

Zoo Projects 01 - WEB


Tuesday morning we did go to the zoo. Grace wanted to walk. After the awesome job she did last time we were at the zoo, I was willing to try it. We had to have a talk a couple of times about not picking stuff (trash) off of the ground, but she did a REALLY good job staying with me. She walked almost the entire time we were there.

Here she is talking with the elephants. When she was ready to leave, as is her custom, she waved and said, “Bye, elephant.” She then started walking away – toward me. Then we realized (most likely coincidentally) that the elephant had his trunk raised and was calling out. It REALLY seemed like he was saying goodbye to Grace.

Zoo 07162013 01 - WEB

This is the otter exhibit, but Grace was searching for turtles.

Zoo 07162013 02 - WEB

Grace made a new friend.

Zoo 07162013 03 - WEB

The visit with the petting zoo goats is always an adventure. This time, no goats in the feeding trough, but Grace was extra concerned with this goat, because he was dozing while sitting up. She spent almost five minutes with him, trying to figure out why he was sleeping, but he wasn’t laying down.

Zoo 07162013 04 - WEB

This was the first time that we had visited the tortoises. I knew it would go well, because Grace is slightly obsessed with turtles. They had a lovely chat.

Zoo 07162013 05 - WEB

Not surprisingly, after all of that walking, Grace fell asleep in the car on the way home. It worked out well, though, because she did take a regular nap, too, thanks to the storms that rolled through in mid-afternoon.

Here are our projects that we worked on this week.

1. Giraffe and Zebra hand prints. Grace is really getting into the idea of using her hands to paint. We went back the next day and added the lines, dots, eyes, ears, etc with crayons – I was holding Grace’s hand while she held the crayon.
Zoo Projects 03 - WEB

2. Toilet Paper Tube Octopus. While we had the yellow and white paints out, Grace painted the toilet paper tube. Though we had JUST gotten her hands covered in paint for the giraffes and zebras, she did NOT like getting paint on her hand while trying to paint the tube. Go figure.

After the paint dried, I went back and cut the legs/tentacles. AFTER I had done all of my cutting and was in the process of rolling/bending them up, I realized that I was SUPPOSED to be making an OCTOPUS. Octo – as in EIGHT legs. Our little guy has 11, so I guess he’s actually a hendecapus?

Zoo Projects 04 - WEB

We started to make the paper plate turtle that I had planned for Thursday, but it didn’t end well. Between the weather and the impending teeth (I believe), we went through a pretty whiny and cranky week. Grace started painting the paper plate and something happened and the next thing I knew I was in the midst of a Gracie-tantrum with flinging paint. It did NOT end well. I cleaned up the paint, we apologized to each other, sat on the sofa together, and had a snack. That afternoon, she went to time-out three more times and then went to bed early.



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