Grace and the TV

Believe me, I know that kids under two aren’t supposed to watch TV.

TV in basket - WEB

Right. Sure.

Grace was born in the first week of November. You had better believe that she saw a few (meaning all) of the college football games between her birth and the bowl games over the Christmas/New Year holiday. She STILL loves football and will sit and watch it – for a few minutes.

It wasn’t until this spring, though, that we really started watching toddler-TV. Now, it’s pretty much a staple. But, I don’t mind/worry about it, for a few reasons.

1. It has broadened her imagination. There have been several times when I’ve caught Grace running to find her tea-pot and cups if the characters on the show are having a tea party, or she will pull out her xylophone if they are playing music. Just the other day, the trolls were playing drums and pounding on the ground (much like Stomp) and Grace found one of her drumsticks and started playing on the carpet and the end table.

2. She doesn’t just sit and watch TV, unless she is really tired. She is usually playing and she will stop and watch a part of the show when they start singing – the kid LOVES music. Most of the time, she will come running to dance along to the songs – it is very cute to watch her little body try to dance like a cartoon character.

3. Today’s kid-TV is NOT like it was when we were little. Brian pointed this out in reference to Tom and Jerry, recently. There are no cartoons like that anymore – well, at least none that Grace watches. Every show has a learning element – shapes, patterns, colors, manners, brainstorming, being a good friend, listening, walking away when you are angry, asking questions rather than being quick to judge/accuse – the list goes on and on.

Also, the characters aren’t all the same any longer. Years ago, on Mickey Mouse cartoons, Pete the Cat was the villain. Now, he isn’t – he’s just another one of the gang. And, he is Grace’s favorite character. That perfectly explains this kid.


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