Random Stories about Grace Wednesday

Random Story #1 – Breakfast Request

Last Saturday, I made these for breakfast. They were a big hit. So much, in fact, that Grace requested them on Monday morning. We have our standard Wheat Chex for breakfast – which usually she requests. But, Monday morning, “Cinmin roll?”

It was adorable. I told her, “No, we’re having cereal.” She was fine with the usual, but it was pretty funny that she asked for something specific.

Random Story #2 – Early Snack

Breakfast is usually around 8:30 am for Grace and I. Snack time is usually at 10:30 or so. Monday morning, we had breakfast at 8:30 am. At 8:50 am, Grace turned to me and asked for a PB&J sandwich. Since she asked for it so well (saying Please and everything), I couldn’t help but give her what she requested, regardless of the time. She scarfed the whole thing down.

Random Story #3 – Power Outage

One night this week, we had a pretty intense storm roll through right at dinner time. I had just finished preparing dinner and we were sitting down to eat and the power went out. All total, the power was off for about 45 minutes, not bad at all. However, this was the first time that Grace has had to experience an outage. She wasn’t pleased at all.

Brian and I were discussing it later and he brought up a good point. To Grace, Daddy is the first line of defense and I am the last line of defense. While I was digging our camping lantern out of the closet, Brian had picked Grace up, trying to console her. When I came back into the kitchen, where they were, she wanted me to hold her. I took her from Brian and then she told him something and pointed outside. We are pretty sure that she was trying to tell him to go see what caused the problem (no lights) and fix it.


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