Project Review: Boats

In an effort to be more organized with Grace’s projects and unofficial learning, I have gone back to making us weekly “lesson plans.” They are mostly a way that I can remember some of the fun projects that I want to do. This week, we worked with boats.

07 - Graces Weekly Schedule - July 8 - 12

Grace used watercolors to make sails for our egg carton boats and the popsicle stick raft. I cannot find any photos that I think I took of these projects before they set sail. This was also the perfect time to test out the new water table (which we LOVE already).

Boats 01 - WEB

Boats 02 - WEB

Boats 03 - WEB

Grace’s favorite fascination was sinking the boats to the bottom of the water containers and watching to see if they would float back to the top. While working on “float,” she also got to play in the bath with pool noodles and shaving cream. I will be using this project again when we work on cold/snow/penguins/whatever, because they seemed like icebergs floating with snow on them.

Boats 09 - WEB

We also took a trip to the Children’s Museum, specifically so Grace could play in the water (as we always do).

Brian got in on the action with some Play Dough. This was also a first for Grace. We made some boats, here, too. As expected, since Play Dough is water-soluble, they started to break down after a few moments. We did get to load them down with marbles, first. Yea – more sinking! Grace really likes sinking.

Boats 04 - WEB

Boats 05 - WEB

Boats 06 - WEB

Grace had open access to both of these projects at any time. The first are boats that I made that she can place pom-pom (with magnets) onto designated circles.

Boats 07 - WEB

The second are some (badly drawn) free-hand boats that I drew for Grace to be able to color on.

Boats 08 - WEB

It was a fun week. After the success and productivity of the Fourth of July Week/Projects, I am trying to keep it up.


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