Painting with Shaving Cream

This has been a project that I wanted to try with Grace for a while, now, and the perfect opportunity came up recently. Grace needed a morning bath anyway and we needed something messy to do that day. We had found the perfect palette at IKEA the last time we were there – it’s actually a drawer organizer.

Grace’s paint:

Shaving Cream Painting 01 - WEB

I used food coloring as Pinterest told me to. We won’t be using food coloring again. It was a pain to mix up and it did stain the grout in the tub a little. I’m not too worried, Tilex gets everything out. The colors didn’t blend well, either – look at our “purple.” The photo makes it look brownish, but it was mostly grayish while we were using it.

It took a little explanation at first – not surprisingly, because how often do you get to paint in your bathtub? But, it was good from there.

Shaving Cream Painting 02 - WEB

Shaving Cream Painting 07 - WEB

Shaving Cream Painting 06 - WEB

Shaving Cream Painting 03 - WEB

She wasn’t a huge fan of getting it on her, but I think that is more because she was still thinking of real paint. She doesn’t get in trouble when paint gets everywhere, I’m actually trying to get her to not care as much, but she usually wants it wiped up. Similar in the bath tub. I tried to show her that it was okay and fun:

Shaving Cream Painting 05 - WEB

Shaving Cream Painting 04 - WEB

We finished up the play with a real bath and wiping down the tub. She actually had more fun cleaning up. I take no responsibility for that trait in her. šŸ™‚


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