Random Stories about Grace Wednesday

Random Story #1 – Hear It!
Grace is becoming more aware of and interested in things that she can hear, but can’t see. Of course, then she wants to investigate, but it is very cute when she comes running to me exclaiming, “Hearm it! Hearm it! Ma-ay (mommy), hearm ______!”

Recently, Grace and I took Hera and Lulu to the vet for their yearly check-up. While we were waiting in the exam room, another dog in the kennels was barking, but it was a very small dog, so the barking sounded more like yelping or squawking. All of a sudden, Grace decided that she could hear chickens. She was adamant that it was chickens that she heard, not a dog, as I was trying to explain to her. Once we finished the exams and walked back out to the lobby, she looked all around the lobby trying to find those chickens. She was disappointed that she couldn’t find any.

Random Story #2 – Off the Sofa
Grace is always told that she needs to “get down the right way,” when she is getting off the sofas or our bed. Now, when she wants me to come with her to help her, she starts by telling me, “Down,” and pointing to the floor. If I don’t get up right away, she also tries to uncross my legs, so both feet are on the floor, and grab my hand, to pull me with her. It’s pretty cute, I have to say.

Random Story #3 – Piano

I have played the piano since I was eight-years-old. I really do enjoy it. As much as Grace enjoys music, I figured she would like it as well. She enjoys sitting on my lap and banging away at the keys. Usually, she doesn’t last more than five minutes, though. The other day, I figured I would actually try to play some of the pieces I used to know well – Fur Elise, Moonlight Sonata, and Pachelbel’s Cannon. While I was trying to remember how to play, Grace was happily playing with her farm, which is in the same room as my piano. She started bringing the farm animals over, one at a time, letting them “play” a note or two, and then she would set them up to go get another animal. I continued to play. Then I realized what exactly was happening. After a very short time, this was the result:

06052013 - Documented - WEB

Being the awesome pianist that I am, I just worked my way around the goat, cow, and pig. How many piano players get to (have to) say that? 🙂


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