Grace and Colors

Not for the first time, I have started (re)worrying about Grace not being in daycare/school. I worry that she is missing out on the opportunity to learn a variety of things. Of course, thinking about it critically for more than five minutes reminds me that I am worrying for no reason. For one thing, her day care was not doing things with her like they were supposed to be. Even Grace’s pediatrician has commented on Grace’s intelligence and the increase she saw after we left daycare.

I don’t know why, but I keep coming across these lists about “75 things your child needs to know before Kindergarten,” “Things your child needs to know before preschool,” “Is you child smart enough?” Okay, I made up that last one. And I ‘come across’ these things on Pinterest. I can’t stop myself though. First, I KNOW that Kindergarten and Preschool are years away. Second, I am a planner and I can’t help thinking three and four years ahead.

Grace is 20 months old. Most developmental charts for her age say that she should be able to say between 10 and 50 words. I try to remind myself that any time I start to panic.

Beyond the fact that her vocabulary is off the chart, we are also working on some of those things that she will eventually need to know.


Grace knows all of her colors. How we remember that she IS only 1 and 1/2 is how she pronounces those colors.

Red = zred; Orange = Oooow-nge; Yellow = yeyow; Green = G-eeen; Blue = Byooo; Purple = poo-pull; Pink = Pyink; Black = b-YACK; Brown =bw-oww-n; Silver = silbuh; Gold = gooool; White = Why-iitte

Mostly, they are correct, just some of the syllables are over emphasized.


We have a number puzzle that Grace enjoys playing with. She does not use it for its intended purpose, yet, but we are using it to recognize how shapes match up. She will repeat the numbers when we say them and she recognizes that there ARE numbers. Once or twice, she has guess correctly if asked about a number, but I’m pretty positive that she doesn’t really know them yet. Usually, all numbers are four or nine, depending on her mood that day.


Letters are in the same boat as numbers. She recognizes that there ARE letters, and she usually sees that numbers and letters are different. Even for me, the thought of learning or teaching 26 letters seems pretty daunting. I found a book that helps me teach her the Montessori way of teaching letters. It is a pretty fun book and Grace seems to enjoy it – at least she asks to read it.


He, she, it, they, we, me, us, my, mine… and so on.

She doesn’t know ANY of these and I don’t expect her to. The only reason I have started thinking about them is because Grace has started to refer to herself in the third person. It is beyond adorable and it usually makes me think of Jimmy from Seinfeld.

She is enjoying identifying the possessor of things and has started verifying who will or won’t be doing things. “Breakfast? Mommy breakfast? Breakfast Gracie (pointing to herself)?” Every morning. It is really cute that she refers to herself as Gracie, too.


Moving forward, I am going to get back into making a “schedule” or “lesson plan” for us. It is totally lax and just a guideline, but I like having a plan. (see above) I have also decided that I am going to make an effort to let Grace do one “messy” thing every day. That will probably involve a lot of painting, but we also have sensory/activity boxes for water, sand, cloud dough, play dough, and soil. Grace is a lot like me – she is cool with getting dirty, until she is done, and then she wants to get cleaned up. It’s pretty funny recognizing myself in a toddler.


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